3C Global Group help a wide range of

individual contractors, recruitment agencies and

corporate end clients in a variety of ways across

the globe. 

We help contractors to work internationally without

worrying about the stresses related to tax, immigration,

social security and local employment law. With the help of our

vast network of local advisors, we also help to maximise

take home pay within the framework of the laws of the

working country.

We help recruitment agencies to increase the global reach which they can offer to their clients and indemnify the agency against the risks of non-compliance by contractors.  We also help agencies deal with contract processing, compliance outsourcing, back office support, outsourced payroll and staff training around the legislation involving international contracting. 

We help corporate clients to source the best talent in the world by helping to manage the complexities of immigration, tax and social security between the candidates home country and the new working country.  We also assist with contingent workforce management helping to increase profitability. 

WHat we do

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​​​+353 1 4433 710 (IRL)

+31 208 93 2010 (NL)