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Q.  What should I do before leaving my home country to work in another? 

A. When you leave to work abroad, it is highly advisable to inform the tax authorities in your home country. 

Q. How often do 3C Global Group make payments?
A. We make payments to our contractors on a daily basis and on the same day that cleared funds reach our account. 

frequently asked questions

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Q. How do I get paid? 

A. In order to get paid you will first need to submit a timesheet via our online portal, submit an invoice (if requested at registration) & use the expenses claim form (if you have agreed with the client that expenses should be paid seperately). We will then invoice the agency/client on your behalf within 12 hours of receipt of the above ensuring no delays in payment. Once payment has been received by us, we will process payment to your account on the very same working day.

Q. Should I keep receipts for expenses? 

A. We recommend that you keep all original receipts for the expenses which you have incurred as part of taking on the contract. We do not need to see on a regular basis, but we do recommend that you file them regularly and store them safely. We ask you to do this for presentation to our accountants when it becomes time to file your tax return or in-case the tax authorities of your working country ask to see them. 

Q. What currency will I be paid in? 

A. We will normally make payments in the same currency as described as the contract rate in your contract. To this end, we highly recommend that you open a local bank account in your working country or a currency account to avoid currency conversion charges by banks - our local partners can assist with this. We can of course, pay into other currencies if it is more convenient for you.

Q. How do I know I have been paid? 

A. 3C Global Group will send a text to the mobile number you provided at registration and latterly email remittance advice (and a payslip if applicable). 

Q. How do I ensure that I am adequately insured? 

A. We work with a number of insurers and brokers to obtain the highest level of professional and medical coverage for our contractors. Please mail, insurance@3cglobalgroup.com for further information on insurances.